Desecration of Marie Corelli's Grave. 

On the evening of Saturday 8th December the angel that has stood watch over Marie Corelli’s grave was pushed to the ground and smashed. It is believed that whoever was responsible for this wanton act of destruction climbed the gates of Stratford’s main cemetery and toppled a number of other stones before attacking the figure that adorns Marie Corelli’s memorial.

The angel, slightly less than life size, was left face- down in the turf, with it’s right arm in pieces and it’s left wing broken.  A few days later, the Town Council had the angel removed for storage until it’s fate is decided upon.


A spokesman from a local monumental masons, who repaired the right hand of the statue a few years ago, stated that it may be beyond repair, and that the cost of a new statue in marble would be of the order of £20,000 to £30,000.

During the defilement, there was some minor damage to one of the pillars surrounding the grave, and scratches to the marble wreath containing Marie Corelli’s name on the front of the pedestal. 

I include more photos of her grave, both before and as it has now been left.

MC grave
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