Marie Corelli’s Furniture 

We were recently contacted by someone who thought they had some items of Marie Corelli’s furniture. Her mother is believed to have bought them at the auction of the contents of Mason Croft in October of 1943, following the death of Bertha Vyver. The three items are; a cane back chair, an upholstered tub chair and matching chaise long. The unusual thing is that all three are very small - see the picture with someone in it for scale. Although the chair & chaise long have been recovered, the original fabric, which is white and covered with flowers, was kept.

IMG 0067 copy

A careful scan through a copy of the auction catalogue revealed lot 869 from the Study Tower which is in the garden:

In Teresa Ransom’s biography on Marie Corelli, p217, it says that the Tower was apparently furnished with items of small furniture that Marie had had as a child, explaining their diminutive size. 

If you are interested in acquiring any of these unusual pieces, they may be for sale. The owner would like them to go to someone with a real interest in their history. Please contact Hattie Gauld at The items are near Stratford-upon-Avon.

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