A chronological list of all her books below. The Fiction page covers her novels, short stories, and poems, including a synopsis of each novel. Extracts and reviews are yet to be added. The Non-fiction page includes other books, booklets, and pamphlets. We hope to include some information on her speeches, and works adapted for film and theatre if possible at a later date.

Published Works by Marie Corelli.

A list of her main published works in book form, in chronological order, with an indication of their substance. On the sub-menu, there are seperate pages split into fiction and non-fiction, with a synopsis, notes, and at a later date, comments and reviews on each work. Note that not all US editions are covered, and some works where she contributed with other authors, or obscure items, may be omitted.

1886  The Romance of Two Worlds. A novel.
1886  Vendetta. A novel.
1887  Thelma. A novel.
1889  Ardath. A novel.
1890  Wormwood. A novel.
1892  The Soul of Lilith. A novel.
1892  The Silver Domino. An anonymous critical satire.
1893  Barabbas. A novel.
1895  The Sorrows Of Satan.A novel.
1896  The Mighty Atom. A novel.
1896  Cameos. Collection of short stories.
1896  The Murder of Delicia. A novel.
1897  Ziska. A novel.
1900  Boy. A novel.
1900   Jane. A short novel.
1900  The Master Christian. A novel.
1901  A Christmas Greeting. A booklet of short Stories.
1901  The Passing of the Great Queen. A booklet in tribute to Queen Victoria.
1902  Temporal Power. A novel.
1903  The Avon Star. A booklet commenting on events in Stratford-upon-Avon.
1904  Gods Good Man. A novel.
1904  The Strange Visitation. A short story.
1905  Free Opinions Freely Expressed. Collection of essays.
1906  Treasures of Heaven. A novel.
1908  Holy Orders. A novel.
1910  The Devils Motor. Illustrated short story.
1911  The Life Everlasting. A novel.
1914  Innocent.  A novel.
1917  Eyes of The Sea. A booklet in tribute to the Grand Fleet.
1918  The Young Diana. A novel.
1919  My Little Bit Collected short stories.
1920  The Love of Long Ago. Collection of short stories.
1921  The Secret Power. A novel.
1923  Love and the Philosopher. A novel.
1925  Poems. Collection of poems.
1925  Open Confessions to a Man from a Woman. A novel.

Other Pamphlets and Articles by Marie Corelli.

1889  My Wonderful Wife, A Study in Smoke.
1896  The Modern Marriage Market.
1900  An Open letter to His Eminence Cardinal Vaughan.
1900  Patriotism or Self-Advertisement?
1902  The Vanishing Gift.
1902  Signs of the Times.
1903  The Plain Truth of the Stratford-on-Avon Controversy.
1904  The Strange Visitation of  Josiah McNason.
1907  Woman or - Suffragette? A Question of National Choice.
1913  The Marie Corelli Calendar.
1919  Is All Well with England? A Question
1923  Praise and Prayer: A simple Home Service.

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