Non Fiction 


The Silver Domino. 1892
A biting satire attacking the world of politics, literature and journalism, published anonymously and co-authored by Marie Corelli's half-brother Eric Mackay, and alledgedly Henry Labouchere, editor of Truth.

Free Opinions Freely Expressed. 1905
A collection of essays on a variety of subjects by the author.

Booklets, Pamphlets and Articles by Marie Corelli.

1889  My Wonderful Wife, A Study in Smoke.

1896  The Modern Marriage Market.

1901  The Passing of the Great Queen.

1903  The Avon Star.

1903  The Plain Truth of the Stratford-on-Avon Controversy.

1907  Woman or - Suffragette? A Question of National Choice.

1913  The Marie Corelli Calendar.

1917  Eyes of The Sea.

1919  Is All Well with England?

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