Marie Corelli's Novels

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A short synopsis and notes are included here for her novels in chronological order of the date of their first publication, with long titles where given. Note that a few are waiting to be expanded upon. 

The Romance of Two Worlds. 1896
Synopsis: A novel about a young English musician who, afflicted by a series of nervous ailments goes to the French Riviera to recuperate. There she meets an artist who has been restored to health by a mysterious Dr Casimir. She travels to Paris to seek out Dr Casimir, also know as Heliobas, who uses Physical Electricity to effect a cure with astounding results. By means of his hypnotic powers and a fluid preparation, Heliobas throws her into a trance, allowing her soul to be temporarily separated from her body, to float to other spheres and gaze at the glories of the supernatural. She follows the theories and treatments of Heliobas and steadily recovers her health and vigour. During her treatment in Paris she is befriended by Heliobas's sister, the beautiful and ever youthful Zara, but just as our heroine is about to take her leave, the story ends with a tragic and mournful shock. 
Notes: First published in two volumes.

Vendetta - The Story of One Forgotten. 1886    
Synopsis: A novel set in Naples during the cholera epidemic of 1884. Count Fabio Romani lives a life of bliss with his beautiful wife Nina in a marbled villa set amidst fragrant orange groves above the bay of Naples. One morning when Count Fabio strolls down to the harbour he is stricken by the terrible malady, and, convulsed in agony, falls into a death-like coma. He wakens sometime later in horror to find himself in his coffin interred in the family vault. He manages to break out, his hair turned white by his harrowing ordeal, but on returning to his home he finds his his lifelong friend Guido has already taken his place, and is consoling his duplicitous widow. He leaves unseen, fired with desire to take revenge, and takes up with a band of brigands while he lays his plans. Six months later he returns disguised as Count Cesare Olivia, befriends his unsuspecting wife, and challenges Guido to a duel with fatal consequences. 
Notes: First published in three volumes.

Thelma - A Norwegian Princess. 1887
Synopsis: A novel about a beautiful and pure Norwegian girl who falls in love with an English  lord who is visiting Norway with friends on his yacht. Sir Philip Errington, woos and marries Thelma, and returns with her to London. The elite of London Society are shocked by Sir Philips marriage to a common girl, avoiding the protocols of the marriage market, and predict a failed marriage, divorce and scandal. Society attempts to snub Sir Philips new bride, but at a party given by Lady Winsleigh, Thelma disarms them with her charm, beauty and intelligence. Nevertheless Lady Winsleigh plots to destroy the marriage by  making Thelma believe Sir Philip is in love with another woman, and encouraging an old flame, Sir Francis Lennox, to flirt with Thelma. Embittered and despairing of her situation, Thelma leaves London for home. She travels through a terrible storm at sea, and suffers crossing the bitter winter landscape to arrive at her father house in Norway. Sir Philip learns the truth, and follows her, arriving just in time to save her life and their love. 
Notes: First published in three volumes.

Ardath. - The Story of A Dead Self. 1889
Synopsis: A novel concerning a young poet, Theos Alwyn, who has not only lost his inspiration to write, but also his appetite for life itself. He finds refuge from a mountain storm in a Caucasian monastery where he finds the monk in charge is Heliobas, who we met in Marie Corelli's first novel, The Romance of Two Worlds. He knows of Heliobas's powers and begs him to let his soul roam free, to search for the absolute proof, or simply to delude himself into a state of happiness. On Theos's return from his trance, he tells Heliobas that he met his twin soul, an angel named Edris, who has told him to seek out the Field of Ardath. Theos jouneys to the ruins of Babylon, is confronted by an apparition of Edris on the Field of Ardath, and falls senseless. When he awakes he finds he has lost all memory of who he is, and has been transported back in time by 7,000 years to the ancient city of Al Kyris. There he meets his alter ego, the poet laureate named Sah-luma, and becomes one of his entourage. He accompanies Sah-luma to the court of king Zephoranim, and attends a bacchanalian feast given by Lysia, the seductive high priestess of the serpent god Nagaya. Theos is disturbed by the paganism and corruption within the civilization of Al Kyris, but finds himself bewitched by the ruthless Lysia. While everyone of importance is at a New Years ceremony at the serpent god's temple, the city is destroyed by a fiery earthquake, after which Theos finds himself back in his own time, and in his own mind. He returns to his home in London a changed man and takes up Christianity, selflessly promoting the teaching of a faith with a creed which is not determined by one sect or another. With a pure spirit he is finally re-united with his soul-mate Edris. 
Notes: First published in three volumes.

Wormwood - A Drama of Paris. 1890
Synopsis: A novel that explores the mind of a young man, Gaston Beauvais, the son of a wealthy Parisian banker, as his life spirals to the depths of despair and degradation. Gaston's downfall begins when he discovers that his young and charming betrothed, Pauline de Charmelles, has betrayed him with his best friend Silvion Guidel. Gaston drowns his sorrows in the bars of Paris, and becomes addicted to absinthe, losing all moral judgement to the drug craved hallucinogenic effects of the 'green fairy'. On his wedding day he dishonours Pauline and refuses to marry her. Following the scandal Gaston's father orders him to go travelling abroad, but he hides in the drinking dens of Paris plotting his revenge. Gaston finds and murders Guidel, and revels in telling Silvion he has killed her treacherous lover. Slivion, crushed, commits suicide by throwing herself into the Seine. A glimmer of salvation remains when Gaston goes to church to confess his sins, but his confessor is the uncle of the murdered Guidel, and horrified at Gaston's utter degradation refuses to give him absolution.
Notes: First published in three volumes.

The Soul of Lilith. 1892
Synopsis: A novel in which a mystic named El Rami, a practitioner of the arts of healing drawn from the occult science of the ancient Egyptians, attempts to control and dominate the soul of a dead girl. El Rami travels from London to Syria where he meets a caravan in the desert with two ailing women in need of care and attention. He agrees to help, and he restores one, an old women, to health. The other, a young orphan girl called Lilith, succumbs to her illness and dies. El Rami practices his mysterious arts on Lilith in an attempt to demonstrate the existence of life after death. He administers an elixir that brings her body back to life, and returns to London with the breathing corpse of Lilith. He hides her in a room in his mansion for six years, and summoning all his powers succeeds in being able to summon her soul back to her body at will. The head of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross of which El Rami was a member, Heliobas, arrives. Readers know him from The Romance of Two Worlds and Ardath. Heliobas is alarmed by El Rami's experiments, and tells him that he must release the girl and allow her to die. But El Rami is obsessed with the beautiful Lilith, and intends on making her his soulmate. Despite Liliths please and warnings, as El Rami kisses her she crumbles to ashes in from of him. When El Rami recovers himself, he is taken to the Brotherhood's monastery in Cyprus, a mental wreck.
Notes: First published in three volumes.

Barabbas - A Dream of The Worlds Tragedy. 1893
Synopsis: A novel that re-tells the story of the crucifixion of Jesus from the point of view of the pardoned thief, Barrabas....awaiting expansion.
Notes: First published in three volumes.

The Sorrows of Satan - The Strange Experience of One Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire. 1895
Synopsis: A novel describing the experiences of Geoffrey Tempest, an impoverished unsuccessful novelist, who comes into a vast fortune after the death of a distant relative. The news of his inheritance arrives with the aristocratic Prince Lucio Rimanez, who proposes to Geoffrey that he can help show him how to spend his money, introduce him into Society, and fulfil all his earnest desires. Geoffrey concedes to the pact, a pact that he is unwittingly making with the Devil. The two become companions, and the Prince turns Geoffrey into a Gentleman, helps him buy a country seat, and introduces him to the beautiful daughter of Lord Elton, Lady Sybil, who is waiting to be plucked from the London marriage market by the right suitor. In the meantime, Geoffrey uses his money to get his book published, and meets a literary rival, the novelist Mavis Clare, who lives in a cottage near his new mansion in Warwickshire. Despite poor critical reviews, Mavis has fame and success, and Geoffrey is taken by her frankness, beauty, and simple manner. Geoffrey asks Sybil for her hand, and despite the fact that she warns him that she is cold and cannot feel love, they are wed. Following a disastrous honeymoon on the continent, Geoffrey realises his mistake; he has married a soulless woman. On their return to their new home in Warwickshire, The Prince pays them a visit. Late one night, Geoffrey is appalled to discover his wife declaring her love to The Prince, but she is rejected, and the next morning the Prince and Geoffrey leave for London. While at the station, they are urgently called back to the house to discover Sybil has killed herself, leaving a terrifying suicide note. Geoffrey's life is in ruins and the Prince persuades him to come away with him on his yacht. In the middle of a terrible storm The Prince reveals to Geoffrey who he really is and his purpose. Geoffrey finally repents as the yacht sinks under his feet. He comes to on the deck of a steamship which has plucked him out of the sea, en route for England. When he returns to London, he finds that his lawyers have absconded with the remains of his fortune. Geoffrey receives a kind letter from Mavis Clare and resolves to return to Warwickshire to see her.
Notes: Printed in a single volume on publication.

The Mighty Atom. 1896
Synopsis: A novel about a young boy, Lionel Valliscourt, who's father engages one tutor after another to assist in forcing the boy's intellect. The latest tutor, the grim academician Professor Cadman-Gore, continues Lionel's coaching in the holidays, but Lionel struggles with his studies which sap his strength and deny him sleep. A crisis is reached when Lionel's mother leaves his father, and Lionel collapses with over-work and sorrow. Lionel's father sends the professor with his son away to the village of Clovelly to re-cuperate, where, with a few weeks of restful idleness, the two attain mutual respect. On their return to Combemartin, Lionel looks up the village sexton, Reuben Dale, who's daughter, Jessamine, was Lionel  playmate. In anguish, the old man tells him how Jessamine died of diphtheria while Lionel was away. Distracted with grief, he is determined to discover the secret about life and the existence of a god and the hereafter for himself. While everyone sleeps, he writes letters to his father and the professor, and prays to what he hopes to be a true god, with a chilling and sorrowful result.

The Murder of Delicia. 1896
Synopsis: A novel about Delicia Vaughan, a popular novelist enjoying the fruits of her success. Her books have made her a respected and wealthy woman with her own income. She lives in a large house in central London with her husband, the handsome guards officer Wilfred de Tracy Gifford Carlyon, younger son of an earl to whom she has been married for three years. Unfortunately her husband is shallow, egotiststical, and jealous of Delicia’s prominence. While she eschews society, he not only spends her money entertaining friends and women of the demi-monde, but denigrates her achievements. She dismisses the veiled hints from her friends and those of the devoted opera singer Paul Vadis, that her husband is untrue to her. He husband Wilfred takes-up a dancer at the theatre called La Marina, while Delicia’s unimpeachable reputation is associated with Vadis by a columnist, Aubry Grovelyn, in the press. Delicia, finally forced to comprehend her husbands infidelity, is disillusioned, betrayed, and utterly heartbroken. Delicia finally confronts her husband with his unfaithfulness and duplicity but he shows little remorse, and he leaves for a few days in Paris hoping that she will come to her senses. She is devoid of love, and knows she cannot ever love again, but is inspired in her grief to pour her energy and emotions into a new novel. As she writes the last word, she drops dead of heart-attack, but society knows it was in fact a broken heart.

Ziska. - The Problem of A Wicked Soul. 1897
Synopsis: A novel set in Egypt, where we are introduced to Princess Ziska wintering at a sumptuous Cairo Hotel. Visiting Egypt at the same time is Armand Gervaise and his friend the painter Denzil Murray, with his sister Helen. In Scotland the previous summer, Armand had paid attentions to Helen, but now finds himself enamoured with the all consuming beauty of Ziska. Unfortunately so is Denzil, and the two become rivals. An old savant staying at the hotel while he studies ancient hieroglyphs, Dr Dean, comes to realise that Armand is the re-incarnation of the ancient Egyptian Araxes, and Ziska is the flesh-clad ghost of Ziska-Charmazel; the favourite of Araxes's harem, but who he had slain because she stood in the way of his ambition. Ziska, Armand, Denzil and Dr Murray move to a hotel near the pyramids where Ziska spurns Denzil's advances; her interest is in Armand, but it has a malignant purpose. The last scene between Ziska and Armand takes place in a chamber beneath the Great Pyramid.

Boy. - A Sketch. 1900
Synopsis: A novel which starts with the careless and neglectful upbringing of a young 'Boy' by his parents, the drunken Captain D'Arcy Muir and his lazy and unintelligent wife. Fortunately, the 'Boy' is doted on and gets some attention from the kindly Miss Leslie and her companion, The Major. The Muirs first send 'Boy' to school in Brittany, and then to an English Military School where he grows into a slim and awkward youth, indifferent and blase. 'Boy' passes into Sandhurst but is expelled for drunkenness. He then falls into bad company and runs up debts, and even defrauds Miss Leslie by altering a cheque she has sent him. Repentant and ashamed, he enlists in the Army, is sent to the Boer war, and is killed in action saving the life of a boyhood friend.

Jane. 1900
Synopsis: A short novel about a simple girl who inherits money and leaves her quiet country cottage for the fashionable life in London, There she finds Society decadent and corrupt, and leaves in disgust to return thankfully for home.....awaiting expansion.

The Master Christian. 1900
Synopsis: The novel opens in Rouen, where Cardinal Felix Bonpre has stopped on a tour in aid of his health, but also allowing him to contemplate the state of faith in the country. Unfortunately he has become depressed by his observations, and argues with the Archbishop of Rouen, declaring it is the churches fault. That night he has a vision of the end of the world, and cries out in prayer to God to come again to redeem mankind. He discovers a desolate figure of a young boy weeping at the locked doors of the cathedral, and decides to take him under his protection. The Cardinal is unaware that the boy, Manuel, is in fact Christ. They travel to Paris to the the house of the Cardinal's niece, a famous artist named Angela Sovrani. There they meet the Abbe Vergniaud, who harbours secrets in his past, and doubts about his beliefs. Two days later the Abbe, a brilliant speaker, gives an eloquent sermon at the church of Notre Dame de Lorette, denouncing the hypocrisy of all churches, including the catholic church, the stifling of discussion, and the prevalence of materialism and atheism. He then admits his own past and his own guilt.....awaiting expansion.

Temporal Power - A Study in Supremacy. 1902  
Synopsis: A topical novel of the machinations and troubles concerning the Royal family and the politicians in power in a fictional England contemporaray to the early 1900's....awaiting expansion.

God's Good Man. - A Simple Love Story. 1904
Synopsis: A novel about life in a small country town, Riversford, where lives the heroine of the story, Maryllia.....awaiting expansion.
Notes: Based on life and characters in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Treasures of Heaven  - A Romance of Riches. 1906  
Synopsis: A novel about an elderly millionaire, David Helmsley, who becomes tired of the social inanities that surround him, and disillusioned with life....awaiting expansion.

Holy Orders - The Tragedy of A Quiet Life. 1908 
Synopsis: A novel in which the hero, Richard Everton, a clergyman in a Cotswold country parish, campaigns against the pernicious influence of the local brewery, and for temperance and reform in the church.....awaiting expansion.

The Life Everlasting - A Reality of Romance. 1911
Synopsis: A novel set in Scotland, where the unnamed heroine has been invited to holiday on a yacht sailing the Western Isles and Hebrides while she seaches for happiness and her twin soul  ....awaiting expansion.

Innocent. - Her Fancy and His Fact. 1914 
Synopsis: A novel about the daughter of a farmer called Innocent who discovers she is a foundling. Distraught, she runs away to London to become an author ....awaiting expansion.

The Young Diana - An Experiment of the Future. 1918 
Synopsis: A novel which dwells on the vengeance of the heroine, Diana, betrayed by a man she has been betrothed to for seven years. She moves to Geneva to collaborate with Dr Feodor Dimitrius who is searching for the elixir of life. ....awaiting expansion.

The Secret Power - A Romance of the Time. 1921 
Synopsis: A novel of scientific prophesy, where a beautiful golden-haired woman, Morgana, invents an airship powered by fantasticle machinery, and her colleague, Roger Seaton, has discovered how to harness radioactivity to create a massive force of destruction ....awaiting expansion.

Love and the Philosopher - A Study in Sentiment. 1923 
Synopsis: A novel.....awaiting expansion.

Open Confessions - To a Man from a Woman. 1925  
Synopsis:  A novel.....awaiting expansion.